Robot F-2 is a research project that combines development of a robot companion with the design of cognitive model, based on linguistic parser and semantic representations.

F2 Robot

F-2 is a real emotional robot that knows how to communicate with people! Creating a robot is a part of a research project in which we study how to make robots attractive to humans. With the help of this robot, you can create and test in experiments different strategies for communicating with a person using speech, facial expressions and gestures. The F-2 robot resembles cartoon characters that do not look like a human, but at the same time, are emotional and cute due to their gestures and facial expressions. The robot is made as simple as possible so that it can be easily assembled. This simplicity and the lack of direct resemblance to a human allow us to explore the emotional contact that occurs in humans due to the behavior of the robot, and not due to its static appearance.

We use a robot in a project where we test the robot’s ability to understand human words, respond with a gaze to a human, help a person in games and in learning foreign languages. To do this, we are developing a set of software programs with the semantic parser at the core.

You can easily use the robot in your experiments, as the robot can be controlled through a software interface (API). This means that you can write a set of reactions for the robot in BML format and use your own program to transmit individual reactions to the robot depending on human behavior.

Current publications on the F-2 robot project are available in Russian and English at the publications page.